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Bio-Safety Cabinets

YORCO Bio-Safety Cabinets (BSC) are of International Quality and are regarded top-of-the-line via its very massive wide variety of everyday users. YORCO Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) presents a combination of cupboard layout and filtration systems to protect Personnel, Work Area, Product and the Environment from organic particulates. The BSC is engineered for work with low, reasonable and high-risk organisms that pose a biohazard concern. Bio-Safety cupboard with a constant face velocity airflow creates an overall performance envelope within and all through the work surface to limit or do away with contamination.

More info: https://www.yorco.co.in/clean-air-equipment/biological-safety-cabinet.html

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Yorco – Automatic Tissue Processor

Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-101- Improved Version Model

The new, improved Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor YSI-101 is a robust, compact, and reliable instrument that has been designed using advanced tech. It offers total automatic dehydration as well as the filtration of animal, plant and human tissues up till final wax fixing. The instrument comes with a pre-programmable feature for the dehydration cycle that can be user-selected. Besides, the glass door arrangement with lock & key helps in easy viewing and also prohibits unauthorized timing cycle tampering. The tissues are continually subjected to agitation by the rotting tissue basket of SS Tissue Ltd to enhance the thorough penetration of the reagents. There is also an automated adjustable delay start-time feature, while the thermostatically-regulated rust-proof wax jars ensure that the temperature is

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